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Company Profile

Good Shepherd Consultancy - beginnings

Headquartered at Attingal, Trivandrum, we have associative presence all over Kerala and operational reach in all major cities of India. Operating in the educational and consulting sector since 1988.

Good Shepherd Consultancy - Objective

“To provide long-term employee resource building capability to our clients by offering outstanding service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thereby improving the operation efficiency.”

What we are

The HR hand of Good Shepherd Group focuses on providing Human Resource Solutions to our client companies.

What we do

We brings a fresh and innovative approach to consulting services, acting between both clients. New marketing ideas to reach the job seekers is our unique feature; our associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.
Our associates are well versed in all aspects of multiple location management. We pride ourselves on our proven track record, effectively directing team members in the development of marketing and management to ensure that all business requirements are met to the very finest detail. In order to meet the individual needs of clients, we are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist clients, throughout various locations.

We believe in giving our clients a cutting-edge advantage over their competitors and that is why we put immense research and high-end expert analysis every time we place quality professionals into their work force.

Areas of operations

We offer services to a wide range of companies with our specialized areas in IT, ITES, Finance (Banking, Broking, Insurance) Medical, Industrial, Educational, Service, Marketing and Advertising sector